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SigmaPlot 13 Hotfix

Get the Update: (904 KB)

Installation Instructions:

  • Close SigmaPlot 13 if open
  • Download the zipped file to your machine desktop
  • Unzip the .dll file
  • Replace your current .dll file by moving the new file into the directory: C:\Program Files\SigmaPlot\Spw13
  • For a 64-bit OS, move the new file into the directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\SigmaPlot\Spw13
  • The path to your application may vary depending on your PC configuration but most typically, it will be on your C:\ drive
  • Close all your folders and restart SigmaPlot

What is fixed?

If the "Graph Page" ribbon tab is selected, then clicking on the plot would produce unending series of "PageW" error messages.

All SigmaPlot 13 users are encouraged to apply this hotfix to their client installation.

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