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  • As scientists ourselves, we know the importance of being able to evaluate unrestricted software to ensure that it fits your specific needs. Our trial version is fully-functional for 30 days, giving you the opportunity to thoroughly review our software.
  • The most advanced scientific graphing and statistical analysis platform for Windows desktops and servers.
  • SigmaPlot now offers support for Real-time Scientific Data Graphing and Analysis through its new instrumentation framework.
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Solutions for Science & Industry
Scientific Graphing & Charting
Statistical Analysis - Visualization
Chromatography / Spectroscopy
Image Analysis and Processing
Data Modeling and Equation Recovery

Systat Software Inc is a pioneer in Statistical Data Analysis and Scientific Graphing. Our suite of products help researchers and engineers analyze their data, create precise plots and charts, develop publication-quality graphs and customize all analysis needs.

With over half a million users in Research Institutes, Universities and Commercial Laboratories worldwide, Systat Software is committed to providing the scientific community with the best of tools for powerful statistical analysis, advanced scientific graphing, automated curve & surface fitting, automated peak separation analysis and real time data analysis.

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Product Information
 SigmaPlot Instrumentation

 Real-time Graphing and Data Analysis
 Exact Graphs and Data Analysis
 Advisory Statistical Software
 Automated Image Analysis
 TableCurve 2D®
 Automated Curve Fitting Analysis
 TableCurve 3D®
 Automated Surface Fitting Analysis
 More Statistics, More Graphs, Less Effort!
 Automated Peak Separation Analysis
 Easy Signal Analysis
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